List Desklets

Alarms & Alerts
Desklets that notify you of events, etc.


      Date & Time
      Clocks for display on your desktop

      • Countdown, A desklet which shows the remaining time to reach a settable target-time or the passed time since a settable start-time.
      • Tuxclocks, 182 clocks about Tux

        Give a look to other releases to download the one which is all in one
        It takes a little bit installing but it worths
        Thanks to:
        James Meier for his help with the sensor-installer
        All the Tux icon authors that published their tux in (their names and links are incluided in the Readme file)
        My girlfriend for her help with the list of tux authors and for been my best "tester"
      • WeeklyCalendar, A monthly calendar that also shows tasks for each day in the next 7 days (including today).

        To add or delete an event, open up the configuration dialog by right-clicking on the desklet.

        Events on the current day are automatically deleted when the day changes.

        Now has optional support to write tasks to your voo2do task list!

      Fun & Amusements

      • DeskPong, A little desklet showing a game of pong.

        When your cursor enters the screen, you can play against the computer.
      • RSS SlideShow, RSS SlideShow takes all your photos and creates a slide show out of them.

        Why Do I need this?

        Because I have a big collection of images that I took with my expensive digital camera. Unfortunatly I don't ever look at my pictures because I don't have the time.
      • Sudoku, A small sudokuboard with support for automaticly downloading sudokus from

      Internet & E-Mail

      • MiniMail, A tiny mailclient for your desktop.

        - send mails from 2 accounts

        - save a copy of every mail to a folder on the mailserver (imapserver only)

        - minimizable

      • Mlnet SideCandy, With this desklet you can view the status, d/u bandwith, uptime, etc of your mlnet client.

        Based on the mldonkey desklet made by stomby.
      • SideCandyWireless 1.02, Based on Side Candy Wireless 1.01 that had a bug on the iwconfig path, with this one you can configure the path to the iwconfig file within the desklet options.

        Tested on ubuntu distro, For others just do a "whereis iwconfig" and change it.

      Miscellaneous Desklets that don't fit in other categories

        Music & Audio

        News Grabbers and RSS Aggregators

        • mYTraffic, Uses Yahoo Traffic to collect and display a map of traffic information around your location.

        System Info
        Monitors for CPU, Memory, Network, etc

        • AlfaOs Energy, A battery monitor with AlfaOs style
        • Energy, A simple battery monitor
        • FTB, Configurable, stackable monitors.
          Plotter or gauge style. Add a customizable launcher to each desklet.

          Curently has:
          - CPU Monitor
          - Memory Monitor
          - System Info
          - Disk space
          - Network
          - Analog & Digital Clock

          - Weather
        • FTB-DiskIO, FTB style Disk I/O monitor:

          REQUIRES SideCandy-DiskIO Control available from:

        • Gauges, Scalable, themeable, configurable, system monitors that look like automobile gauges.

          Uses new "control" architecture.

          Currently has:
          - "OS-X clock" theme
          - "gDesklets" theme
          - "Glass" Theme (Dyyryath)
          - "Glass Icon" Theme (Dyyryath)
          - CPU
          - Memory
          - Disk (single & double)
          - Network interface monitor

          Coming soon:
          - More themes
          - Battery monitor
          - Dropdown list for mount point selection
          - Laucher (tentative)

          Thanks to Clock and SysMon for lots of stolen code ;)
        • Nvidia-Info, This gdesklet is a system information display for nvidia cards. The original version by Niels and Psycho did'nt worked anymore, since there were changes in nvclock. So I repaired, refactored and modified the code. Now just nvidia-settings is required. nvclock is just used for getting the card name, so if you dont have it, you can just fill in your card name in the configuration dialog.
        • Styx - System, SVG based system information desklets.

          - processor

          - memory (physical and swap)

          - network bandwidth

          - disk space

          Includes a Math Control that exposes a good portion of the python math module.

        Toolbars & Launchers
        Desklets for lauching other apps

        • Candybar, Latest release

          This desklet is an eye candy program launcher and a taskbar with a notification applet and a time applet.
        • Just An Icon, Add configurable desktop icons to your lightweight desktop.

          Configurable size, image and text.

          If you use the best window manager there is (Fluxbox) then you may want this :)

        Weather Forecast and Current Conditions