Support the gDesklets Project

Are you interessted in supporting the gDesklets Project? There are several different ways you can do that!

Become a Core-Developer

Apply at or for a membership at the gDesklets Project as gDesklets Core-Developer.
As a gDesklets Core-Developer you get involved into the Project's whole development track and learn about the internals of gDesklets. You're able to influence the whole Project and make new ideas become avail- and usable.

Become a Co-Administrator

Apply at for a membership at the gDesklets Project as gDesklets Co-Administrator.
As a gDesklets Co-Administrator, you're responsible for the Project's whole backbone. You take care of many administrative things like the gDesklets Website and the software beneath. You can help making everything run better, more usable and friendlier for the end-users by involving your own ideas.

Become a Sponsor

Would you like to help the gDesklets Project but you're not able to do that with one of the mentioned possibilities because of whatever reason? Then this might be interessting for you!
By donating money to the gDesklets Project you help the Project-Members and show your intention to help. You give something back to the people providing you this great application you're using.